Saving Money on Your Favorite Baby Goods (While Also Saving the Planet)

As a first time mom, I must admit that while pregnant with my daughter I thought that everything I purchased for her needed to be brand spankin’ new! I was paranoid of germs and thought that buying the best meant buying new. Fast forward a year and a half, and I’m realizing that I was missing the mark! Since having my daughter, there are so many things that are now more important to me than ever before. Examples: saving money and our environment.

As I continue to want the best for my daughter, I’ve realized that I’ve got to find ways to stretch our money as far as possible so that I can provide her with the best products, the most nutritious food, and heck one day, a college education! I’ve also become more concerned with saving the precious planet that our little ones will grow up on. Until recently, while I very concerned with how products and chemicals affected my family’s health, I didn’t think much about how they affected our environment. I was a typical consumer, buying everything new and putting convenience over environmental consciousness. I had never even heard of the “trash islands” the size of Texas that pollute our oceans. Eeek! How disgusting and sad. It got me thinking about the contradiction that exists with buying baby products- from convenient food squeezy packs to brand new everything! As new parents, we are the biggest consumers of all and yet, there is no better time to become more conscious about the way we consume.

Over the last year, I’ve become very interested in the secondhand, or pre-loved (as I prefer to call it) market.   I’ve scored amazing deals on some beautiful high end products for our daughter. Case in point: the Uppababy Cruz I scored for $80 ($500 new) or the like-new Baby Bjorn travel crib I picked up for $60 ($300 new).   It feels good saving money and I have come to take great pride in extending the life of these beautiful pre-loved items.

By buying and selling pre-loved baby goods you are not only saving money, or making some extra cash, you are also contributing to a healthier environment for our little ones. When you buy (or sell) pre-loved baby goods you help reduce new manufacturing resources and energy used to make brand new products, and extend the life of a perfectly good product that someone else no longer has a use for- ultimately, keeping it out of our overcrowded landfills!

So, the next time your little one outgrows a product or is ready for something new, why not tap into the pre-loved market? is the perfect place to buy or sell quality baby goods.


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